Remove Fleas From Your Dogs & Cats — The Easy & Stress-Free Way

It’s way better than chemical treatments.

Dogs…such precious little creatures aren’t they? Popularly called “mans best friend”, that title isn’t for nothing. They protect, love, and care for us passionately. We, in turn, also try our best to return the love and affection.


There is a problem almost every dog face in their lifetime..fleas..lots and lots of fleas…first step would naturally be to see a vet and get treatment for the fleas…in this case, chemical baths or some other stuff…which will inevitably cost a lot of money..


What if I told you…there is a way to remove those stubborn fleas from your dog or cat, without spending thousands at the vet or subjecting your dog to chemical exposure?

Read with me..

Fleas are one stubborn pests that our dogs have to deal with all their lifetime..hiding under the fur of our favorite friends, they bite and chew away at your dog’s skin, causing massive discomfort and most times you can see your pet crying/writhing in pain.

As a pet owner who absolutely loves his pets dearly, such sight is absolutely heart-breaking….and what if it happens at odd hours, when you’re unable to even go and visit a vet? EVEN WORSE. YOUR PET WILL BE IN PAIN ALL NIGHT UNTIL THE NEXT MORNING.

Well, not anymore!

This simple electronic device I am going to introduce you to, will easily help you remove fleas from your pet without any stress at all, and from the comfort of your home!

This device is an electric flea comb that kills and stuns fleas without harming your pet. The secret is that it releases a slight electric charge as you brush the comb through your pet’s fur.

It finds the fleas, kills them, and removes dead fleas from your pet’s coat. It’s so much easier than chemical baths and topical treatments. Plus, you see the results instantly, so there’s no wondering if the flea treatment is working or not. With this electronic comb, getting rid of fleas is as easy as brushing your pet and easily incorporates into your pet care routine!

It’s Perfect For Dogs & Cats

What makes this device so perfect is the ability to effectively kill and remove fleas from cats and dogs of nearly all breeds, ages, and coat lengths…kind of like a “one-stop-solution for fleas”.

Effectively Stops Flea Infestations

Just two fleas can quickly reproduce and take over your whole pet! This amazing comb eliminates fleas and their eggs at the source to end and prevent future infestations. Happy dog, happy home!

Keep Your Pet Safe, Happy, and Healthy

Itching and biting, caused by fleas, makes your pet feel extreme discomfort and pain. Put a stop to that. Get rid of them fleas with easy grooming, keeping your pet safe, healthy, and happy!

In summary, here are the features of this electric comb:

 Electrically-charged flea comb

 Kills fleas without using pesticides or chemicals

✓ Prevent another infestation by removing the eggs laid by the fleas

 Gentle charge kills fleas without harming your pet

 No need visiting the vet, remove the fleas from the comfort of your home

 Simply comb through your pet’s fur and it does the job for you, easy

 Finds, kills, and removes fleas from your pet’s fur

 Great for cats and dogs

 Great for pets of all ages with all coat lengths

 Requires 2 AA batteries (sold separately)


Now, you may be wondering…how much does such a priceless product cost?

We’re talking about a product that saves you money and your pet, the discomfort of visiting the vet and taking chemical baths, etc.

You’ll be thinking: “we’ll just price this as high as the heavens”….but NO!

We understand that innovative solutions like this should be accessible and affordable to everyone..

So, we’re going to sell you this amazing product at a discounted rate!

So, what are you waiting for?


Electronic Flea Comb

Old Price: N22,000

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